Fotolia_4669576_SFrom Hamburg to Lübeck = Reinfeld and the region where Transoverseas Trade is located:

Reinfeld (Holstein), where Transoverseas Trade Offices are conveniently located, is a smaller city in the county council of Stormarn (federal state of Schleswig-Holstein) on the way from Hamburg to Lübeck. Reinfeld is a state approved recreation locality and belongs to the metropolitan region of Hamburg.


Transoverseas Trade in Reinfeld can be reached within 40 Minutes from Hamburg over the motorway A1 and is closely located to the motorway junction Lübeck with direction to Rostock/Stettin. Moreover Reinfeld is closely located on the highway 75, with access to Bad Segeberg and Ratzeburg.

By Train from Hamburg Central Station to Reinfeld Station it even takes 30 Minutes only.



Reinfeld was founded in 1186 at the instigation of Lord Adolf III. of Schauenburg supported by the relocation of cistercianmonks from the Abbey of Loccum to Reinfeld. The Monks built many ponds to raise carps. The Abbey of Reinfeld developed into one of the most profitable Abbeys in northern Germany due to the genuine trading mentality and entrepreneurial spirit of its Abbots. Transoverseas Trade prides itself to follow this tradition by successfully trading all kinds of chemical, plastic and pharmaceutical raw materials and to further contribute to economical development of the Reinfeld region.

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Further to the Abbey a castle got erected in 1599. In history the Reinfeld-Castle got demolished in 1775 and its briks were recycled to build an administrative building, the Reinfeld-Forstamt (Forestry Office). Today the Forstamt is a listed landmark which is continuously supported by Transoverseas Trade.

From 1762 to 1862 Reinfeld became a part of Denmark due to the fact that the Duke of Plön died without having children and therefore his Duchy got transferred to Frederik V. King of Denmark.


Did you know that the German poet Matthias Claudius (1740 – 1815) was born in Reinfeld?


We take pleasure in welcoming you to our office in Reinfeld at any time being convenient to you. Your visit is highly appreciated, so please don’t hesitate in contacting us!