Nigeria and Sudan


Nigeria and Sudan at a glance

Within Transoverseas-Trade´s African business activities the markets of Nigeria and Sudan are an important part. That’s why we take pleasure to dedicate a separate site to pay special attention to these valuable markets.

Since more than 25 years Transoverseas-Trade partners with leading Nigerian and Sudanese companies, based on a strong understanding of the customer needs. This confirms our customers loyalty achieved by providing solutions tailored to their individual needs. Transoverseas Trade does not finish an order execution by simply presenting L/C-documents to relevant bankers and so to cash the relevant L/C. We rather believe to remain at our customers disposal throughout the entire supply chain with a solid “after order” service. May it be to assist in providing technical or applicational assistance backed up by our principals or by providing local warehousing facilities.

This, what our customer call the “Transoverseas-Trade trading & service culture” is what makes our business in Nigeria and Sudan to become a success story.

Our COSMETIC and FOODSTUFF & FEED INGREDIENTS as well as PHARMACEUTICAL trading sector is dedicated to introducing innovative and customer-demand-driven products and services. In addition to this we do also provide MACHINERY EQUIPMENT and SPAREPARTS for example to the plastic and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

As a matter of fact, trading has become much more transparent and competitive over the past years, however Transoverseas-Trade is not only still being among those traders living, it´s rather that many of our competitors who argued that Transoverseas-Trade is too small and too much focused on Africa in order to survive have been seen going bust already.

We don’t take customer loyalty for granted and for that reason we like to say;


who made this success to become a true story. Any of your further detailed inquiries is highly appreciated and will receive our usual utmost attention.

WE DON’T STOP pfeil Transoverseas-Trade is actively expanding its business in Nigeria and Sudan but also spanning a wider horizon over the neighboring African markets.

WE LOVE AFRICA, WE LOVE TO TRADE – Transoverseas-Trade welcomes you!



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